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Arrangement of the Kale Hill in Skopje – International Competition

The Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, Faculty of Architecture – Skopje and City of Skopje are hosting an international architectural competition for arranging the Kale Hill in Skopje.

The Competition for preparation of preliminary urban and architectural development design for arrangement of the Kale Hill in Skopje constitutes an integral part of the project Kale – Cultural Fortress, with the goal of encouraging the revitalization and spatial arrangement of the Kale Hill into an attractive and vibrant city attraction with various cultural, educational and recreational functions.

The total amount of the prize fund for the competition is 300,000 MKD (approximately $5,500), of which 150,000 MKD are reserved for the First prize. The prize fund is provided by the City of Skopje, from the budget of the “ROCK” project.

The Design task of the competition is quite challenging: development of preliminary urban and architectural development design whose basic purpose is to encourage transformation of the space in an urban area with new program, spatial and landscape qualities.

The participants in the competition are required to recognize and present the values and potentials of the location, as well as to identify the opportunities and ways in which it could attract new users, new ‘residents’.

The competition is surveying, public, anonymous and international.

Eligible to participate are architects, as well as architecture students, regardless of their place of residence and work.