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Re-Draw: Casa da Música – 10th Non Architecture Competition

Non Architecture Competitions is accepting entries for their 10th international design competition — Re-Draw: Casa da Música — dedicated to iconic architecture.

The aim of the “Re-Draw” competition is to develop one visual to ‘represent’ an iconic architecture. The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction. Creativeness, criticality, and innovation are encouraged.

Non Architecture Competitions will award only one winner, selected by the jury collectively, and 6 honourable mentions, selected by each juror individually. The Winner will receive 1,500 Euros, publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and website, reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs, and more.

Detailed instructions for the drawing are available in the brief.

The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of one or more design aspects. It can focus on the aesthetic qualities, experimenting and mastering a drawing technique with hyper-realistic outcomes, or it can be an optical deformation, a caricatural interpretation, a distant abstraction of the built architecture.

The drawing can strengthen a conventional interpretation of architecture, or explore a new angle, a new point of view, intellectual and/or physical. The building can be portrayed as a whole, a part, or a collage of disconnected moments. The entry is completely flexible and adaptable to the participant’s interpretation.

Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 2 people.

Discover more on the official website.

About Non Architecture

Non Architecture Competitions is an initiative pointed at finding and bringing forward these valuable alternative proposals. It practically consists in a series of nine competitions, organized in a time frame of three years. All competitions have their focus on finding innovative approaches to a specific architecture topic, always related to a functional issue. Emphasis is always pointed to non-traditional, and therefore non-architectural approaches to the architect’s work.

Re-Draw: Casa da Música – Entry Fees

  • 25 Euro — 1–14 April, 2019 – Special Registration
  • 40 Euro — 15 April–30 April 2019 – Early Registration
  • 55 Euro — 1–15 May 2019 – Regular Registration
  • 75 Euro — 15–31 May, 2019 – Late Registration