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Art Moves 2017 – International Billboard Art Competition

The Art Moves festival is hosting its International Billboard Art Competition for 2017 and invites all the interested people, artists and students to participate.

Submitted art works are supposed to be creative responses to this year’s competition theme: Involvement and responsibility. Can each of us co-create a better world?

The best 10 artworks selected by an international jury panel will be printed and exhibited in the urban space of the city of Torun, Poland in September or October 2017. The author of the winning entry will receive the Main Award in the amount of 5,000 Polish złoty (about 1,188 Euro, $1,325).

This competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor of all the processes taking place in the world today.

Is each of us responsible for the world we live in? Are we ready to get involved and take responsibility for our lives and the life of the communities we live in? Or maybe we prefer to put this responsibility into the hands of other people – politicians, governments, the media, corporations? Will they take up this challenge? And even if they do it, will they create the world we would like to live in? Both our activities and lack of activities have consequences. What can we do? Should we wait passively until someone else does something? Maybe it would be better if each of us took responsibility for “our” own piece of the world, no matter where we live, what we do, and what our social status is? If every day many of us do something small, yet conscious and sensible, will it have any influence on the world we live in? Do our activities have to hit the headlines, or can they be just ordinary and everyday to make sense and have meaning? Maybe it is worth turning on our creativity and taking up the challenge of co-creating a better world?

Both individual and group entries can be submitted.

The purpose of the Art Moves competition is to propagate and popularize billboard art and to encourage artists to create art engaged in the reality.

Last year, the Competition was entered by 643 artists from 62 countries. The organizers received a total of 1,204 art works from Cuba, USA, China, Armenia, Lebanon, Russia, Ecuador, France, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and many other countries.