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Bow Seat’s True Blue Fellowship 2024

Bow Seat’s True Blue Fellowship (formerly the Fellowship Grant Program) aims to connect and empower youth around the world to leverage the creative arts to enact change in local communities to safeguard the ocean, waterways, and the climate.

If you want to make a difference in your community, Bow Seat invite you to participate in the True Blue Fellowship.

The True Blue Fellowship provides mentorship, capacity building, and funding of up to $2,500 for 10 youth-led projects that address ocean, waterways, and/or climate change issues in their local communities through a creative arts lens.

Projects may be of any duration, as long as they meet the Fellowship goals:

  • Utilize the creative arts as the primary method for awareness and/or action
  • Co-create with and engage others in your local community
  • Have a tangible impact on your local community and environment

Bow Seat’s True Blue Fellowship is focused specifically on the ocean, waterways, and/or climate change. This can encompass a wide variety of environmental and social justice issues, so be creative and consider the vast intersectionalities between people and the planet.

Eligible to apply are:

  • Youth ages 13-24
  • Students worldwide (applications must be in English)
  • Individuals or classes, groups, clubs, or organizations
  • New or emerging projects that are less than two years old (clubs or organizations that are more than two years old may apply so long as the proposed project is less than two years old)

The Fellowship is an initiative originally created and led by the Future Blue Youth Council (FBYC), a diverse group of Bow Seat alumni working together to empower their peers to advocate for a healthy, sustainable, and equitable future.

The True Blue Fellowship is an evolution of the Fellowship Grant Program. One of the biggest changes from the Fellowship Grant Program is that the creative arts must serve as the primary method of awareness and/or action in the project.

Please visit the official website for further information.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.