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Celeste Prize 2014 Contemporary Art Competition

The Celeste Prize contemporary art competition has recently opened for entries for 2014, offering 20,500 Euro cash prizes, benefits, an exciting exhibition location, worldwide exposure and top international jurors who are talent scouting.

The competition is open to any person practicing art, either as a full-time or part-time professional or student, or as a self-taught artist from anywhere in the world.

Excellence in content, contemporary aesthetic, technique, and material is sought in the selection of works for the final exhibition.

Entry deadline is 15 July 2014, 8pm Italian time.

There is no special subject, title or theme required for participating works, and they can range from being figurative to abstract, from conceptual to participatory to performance. However, submitted works must have been completed in the last 36 months!

Here is a list of all available prizes in this year’s competition:

  • Project Prize: 4,000 Euro (New in 2014)
  • Painting & Drawing Prize: 4,000 Euro
  • Photography & Digital Graphics Prize: 4,000 Euro
  • Video & Animation Prize: 4,000 Euro
  • Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize: 4,000 Euro
  • Visitors Choice Prize: 500 Euro

The Celeste Prize has been established by the Celeste Network to promote international contemporary art in the widest possible sense.

Celeste Prize 2014 Entry Fees

The entry fee is 50 Euro for each work (40 Euro for each additional work). It costs 90 Euro to enter the ‘Projects Prize’ which includes up to 10 works on a specific project (70 Euro for additional projects).