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The Collective Design Award

The Collective Design Award is a new and exciting opportunity for young and ambitious designers to showcase their work as well as to encourage a conversation about current trends and typologies prevalent in the London’s residential market.

One of the main aims of the competition is to promote conversation and explore the possibilities and challenges of small spaces. Exploring ways in which the space can combine functionality, good design and innovation.

The competition is open for individual and small group entries (up to three members) and will be separated according to one of two categories.

  1. Current students (Architecture, Interior Design, Spatial Design, Furniture Design)
  2. Recent Graduates (i.e. who graduated in or after 2010).

Both categories will have a winner and a runner-up, each of whom will receive individual awards. From these, an overall winner will be selected by the Judges.

In addition to receiving individual award trophies, prizes are:

  • Overall winner: £2,500
  • Other Category winner: £1,000
  • Category runners-up: £500