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EroSexlibris – A competition for graphic artists

The Pro Ex-libris Association and The FINALE Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland are organizing a major international competition for graphic artists who have created or wish to create erotic bookplates (ex-libris).

The theme is EROS and THANATOS – the way in which lust and love, so close to life itself, cannot avoid the spectre of death. It is also more generally EROS, and there are important prizes for winners in both categories. The best works submitted, selected by the international Jury, will be exhibited in several important venues in 2010-2011.


Create and submit erotic bookplates (ex-libris).

There are two themes for the ex-libris submitted:

  1. Eros and Thanatos – how Eros (sex) is a strong pulsion, but Thanatos (death) is always interfering;
  2. Eros, in general. Images can be as sexually explicit as the artist desires.


  • For Eros and Thanatos: First Prize : €2000
  • Second Prize : €1000
  • Third Prize: €500
  • Special Prize 1: for erotic ex-libris on other subjects:First Prize : €1000
  • Special Prize 2: for the most accomplished group of erotic ex-libris submitted: €1000


  • The competition is open without restriction to artists and designers from all over the world.
  • Participating artists can submit as many different ex-libris as they wish.
  • Three prints of each ex-libris submitted must be sent, of which two will be used for exhibition purposes.
  • Each print must be signed or initialed by the artist and numbered, and must bear legibly on the back in pencil:
    • the artist’s name, address, year of birth, and nationality,
    • the technique(s) used and the year of creation.
  • If the artist has not used Latin alphabet in the printed inscription, he is required to write a translation into English on the back of the print. Also, if for reasons of design he/she has exceptionally chosen to integrate into the image only the owner’s initials, the artist must write the owner’s full name on the back of the print.
  • Artists  are also requested to send a .jpg file of each ex-libris submitted.

EroSexlibris Competition Complete Rules

How to enter?

Material for the competition must be sent to the following address:

Ex-libris competition
c/o Benoît Junod,
21 Route de Lullier, 1254 Jussy (GE), Switzerland