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FLUID 2021 – Regional Award for Young Designers

FLUID Design Forum and NGO FLUX are hosting the 9th FLUID competition for young designers on the theme: “IGRA/PLAY“.

Registration is open for young (under 35) graphic designers, illustrators, design & architecture students, visual artists, photographers, architects from Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania.

Selected works will be exhibited @ FLUID Design Forum #09/2021, Cetinje (Montenegro), October 2021. Three authors in each category will be selected and they will be offered to take part in a joint exhibition or presentation @ FLUID #10/2022.

Participants should submit at least 3 works in all categories or one series of max. 3 works or 1 work in each category (poster, illustration, animated poster).

Submitted work must be the original artwork of the competition applicant.

Details about this year’s theme are published in the Brief.


Bring into play,
Rough-and-tumble play,
Play with fire; play the fool,
Play it by the ear, out of play.

Play off, play it safe, play it straight,
Play by the book.
Play along, child’s play,
Play the devil’s advocate,
Play your cards right,
Play the system,
Play God,
Play dead.

Foul play, play catch-up…
Play for time,
Play second fiddle…
All work and no play…
Play dumb,
Play the waiting game,
When the cat’s away, the mice will play.
Play a game of cat and mouse.
Fair play.
Word play,
Play a hunch.

Please consider that by submitting, you accept that FLUID Design Forum Montenegro and NGO FLUX could use your artwork for promotional purposes.