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FLUID – Regional Poster Award for Young Designers

Fluid – Design Forum and Flux NGO are hosting an International Contest for Young Designers, on the theme: “Pomjeranja / Shiftings“.

Registration is open for young (under 35) graphic designers, design & architecture students, visual artists, photographers, architects… from Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania.

Three (3) authors will be selected and they will be offered to take part in joint poster exhibition or presentation at the 8th Fluid – Design Forum in 2020.

Details about the theme have been published within the brief document on the official website.

Daily changes of the continuously accelerated world have an impact on all the aspects of our lives today. Information changes more quickly than we can process it. Morning news is but (already) old news in the afternoon. Deeply founded social conventions are being questioned at all levels. And the freedoms and values taken for granted only yesterday, have to be defended and conquered again today. It is obvious that the idea of the promised, market-oriented, globalized utopia has failed. The bills for the irresponsible attitude of humanity towards nature will have to be paid back soon. And “the heaven of neoliberalism” has become hell for the large majority of people. Thus this world in need of salvation is searching for the candidates for this big endeavour.

These dramatic changes impose new challenges upon everyday life, and upon political, economic and cultural spheres. By using the already existing methodologies from its own domain, design, as a discipline, can make its own contribution to finding some real and sustainable solutions to these challenges. The logic behind solving these contemporary problems is close to design (process) practices, which, on the other hand, are closely related to various design skills and competences, such as analytical, and synthetical abilities, flexibility, pragmatism, creativity and cost effectiveness, to name but a few. Design also makes its contribution to finding solutions to the challenges through its practice, requiring cooperative and team-work skills, mutual respect of the team members, and above all, a true belief in the power of small but essential movements (shiftings) – the synergy of which can have a big impact over time.

It seems certain that the world will not be saved by superheroes coming from the ruling system paradigm. But can they come from the realm of design?

Participants should submit a maximum of 3 posters or one serie of a maximum of 3 posters.