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FLUID 2020 – Regional Poster Award for Young Designers

FLUID – Design Forum and NGO FLUX are hosting an International Contest for Young Designers, on the theme: “ALIBI“.

Registration is open for young (under 35) graphic designers, design & architecture students, visual artists, photographers, architects… from Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania.

Exhibition of selected posters will be presented on FLUID Design Forum #08/2020, Cetinje (Montenegro), October 2020.

Three (3) authors will be awarded and offered to take part in joint poster exhibition or presentation at the 9th edition of FLUID Design Forum in 2021.

Details about this year’s theme are published in the Brief.

Contemporary design is increasingly being identified with positive social tendencies. It has become an indispensable pillar in the realization and promotion of new technologies, social movements, and cultural norms that are recognized as progressive, knowledgable and modernist. But design has also been utilized by the ideologies of consumerist society, as well as retrograde and hegemonic politics.

The ethical aspects of design and art work are becoming increasingly more difficult to identify in today’s globalized world. The designer is not always able to affect these aspects because of objective, existential reasons, and is often unable to grasp the broader ethical context. However, it would seem that the dominant narrative of the positive social impact of design practices is sometimes merely a mask for moral withdrawal from all that design implies.

This year’s edition of the FLUID Design Forum will address ethical dilemmas in contemporary design practices. It will analyze how design creates rather than solves problems. The Forum programme will review the tactics that designers use − consciously or unconsciously − to provide an alibi for acting contrary to their ethical principles.

Participants should submit 3 posters at most or one serie of max. 3 posters.