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FLUID 2023 – Regional Awards for Young Designers

Fluid – Design Forum and NGO Flux are hosting the FLUID 2023 regional Contest for Young Designers: “FLUID IDENTITIES”.

Applications are open for young (18–35 years of age) graphic designers, illustrators, design & architecture students, visual artists, photographers, architects… from Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania.

The three awarded authors will have an opportunity to take part in a joint exhibition or presentation @ FLUID #12/2024.

The competition category for 2023 is Poster.

Each participant or group can submit a maximum of three posters: either three separate posters or one series of three posters.

Details about this year’s topic are available within the Fluid #11 Statement and Conditions.

In the times we live in, identity is a word that is frequently used, and it is associated with people, companies, political alliances, cities, nations and states. Out of the need to be different and at the same time be a part of the social community, we constantly shape, accept, and reject personal and collective identities; effortlessly, consciously or unconsciously, we move from one to the other many times a day, a year and a lifetime. Identity, or better: identities, are not a matter of choice – they are a necessity, a prerequisite for existence and action in every contemporary social context, from family to state and nation. The terror of identity limits us, categorizes us, depersonalizes us, and defines the framework for most of the social roles that are imposed on us. On the other hand, without relying on identity determinations, we struggle to connect and locate ourselves in the social context. We often feel that identity stereotypes misrepresent us, but we are even more offended by the possibility that we don’t have an identity.

At this year’s edition of FLUID Design Forum, we will try to clarify this complex and changing field of social relations, as well as to recognize the role of design in the construction and deconstruction of identity narratives that shape our social reality.

Please check the official website for further information.