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FLUID 2022 – Regional Awards for Young Designers: LEGO ERGO SUM

Fluid – Design Forum and NGO Flux are hosting the FLUID 2022 regional Contest for Young Designers: “LEGO ERGO SUM”.

The contest is open for young (18-35) graphic designers, illustrators, design & architecture students, visual artists, photographers, architects from Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania.

Three authors in each category will be selected and they will be offered to take part in a joint exhibition or presentation @ FLUID #11/2023.

Application categories are: Poster, Typeface and Fanzine.

Each participant or group can submit a maximum of three works: either three works under one category, a series of three works for one category, or one work for each category (poster, typeface, fanzine).

The LEGO ERGO SUM statement is described in details on the official website.

The act of reading is inherent to graphic design, and it is a complicated relationship. We can think about the text’s design (typographic properties) or about various forms of graphic design that we “read” or “read into”. When thinking about this relationship, a starting point can be broad questions: What, where and how do we read? How do we encode and decode meaning? How does the graphic design of content bring a new layer of meaning?

We can consider reading a creative activity that interprets and recontextualises information and as a critical dissemination method within design education. The graphic designer must be aware of their role in shaping and communicating information. Transferring a word into a visual form results in additional or new meaning, whether it is the designer’s intention (or whether it is only a consequence of the technological or stylistic context from which it arises. The semantic complementarity of the form (design) and content (text) is one of the fundamental paradigms of graphic design – from fin de siecle design styles, through Bauhaus and modernist posters, to emoticons or memes.

This relationship – like any other – is evolving. Attitudes towards reading culture are changing radically – how does this impact this relationship? How does hyper production of information, display culture, fragmented reality, and a networked society undermine the traditional reading culture? And does this change the patterns and attitudes towards reading? In what ways does graphic design influence / react / contribute / oppose to these trends? How do modern spaces and relations affect the field of typography? What will the future of publishing look like when formats with an avant-garde and transgressive past (mini-editions, independent art magazines, experimental DIY publications, fanzines, magazines) are livelier and more diverse than ever?

Please note that by submitting, you accept that Fluid – Design Forum Montenegro and NGO Flux could use your artwork for promotional purposes.

The Exhibition of selected works will be organized @ FLUID Design Forum #10/2022 (May 2022).