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FuturArc Prize 2023: Cross-Generational Architecture

FuturArc Journal is calling for proposals, for 2023 to its annual architecture competition, open to professionals and students.

FuturArc Prize (FAP) 2023: Cross-Generational Architecture asks: How can we respond to societal issues for tomorrow’s generations amidst ongoing climate and planet challenges?

The way our built environments are designed should keep pace or even foresee changes in societal compositions. Whether countries are facing decreasing birth rates and mortality rates, can we still afford to design in ‘silos’?

Participants are invited to pick a site in Asia up to 5 hectares. Analyse the population census of their selected site at the macro and local levels. Investigate issues faced by the age groups in the area, supported by real-world data. Decide on a new mixed-use architectural intervention that could respond to the challenges identified (no single-function schools; community centres; libraries; parks; resorts; or hotels).

The competition is open internationally to individual or team entries.

Each team may comprise up to five members and may be from different related disciplines or a mix of students and professionals. The solo entrant or team leader must have an architecture background (student, graduate or professional).
Panels must be submitted in English.

The judging criteria include:

  • Relevance
  • Integration
  • Impact
  • Innovation

Please note that proposals must be supported by relevant real-world data and analysis. Extra credits will be awarded for the use of local resources, materials and manpower, and/or making space for non-human species (flora and fauna).

All winners will be awarded with the FuturArc Prize Trophy and the following cash prizes.

  • 1st Place: Cash prize of SGD8,000 plus 2-year subscription to FuturArc app
  • 2nd Place: Cash prize of SGD3,500 plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc app
  • 3rd Place: Cash prize of SGD2,000 plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc app
  • Merits (up to 12 citations will be given): SGD500 each plus 1-year subscription to FuturArc app

FuturArc Prize is Asia’s first and leading Green design competition since 2007.

Please visit the official website for further details.