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Futurotextiles Awards 2012 – Competition Call

CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles) is launching the Futurotextiles Awards, the First International Competition dedicated to Innovative Textiles and Design.

The competition is aimed at both professionals in architecture, design, landscape or industrial design (individual, agency or company) and students from higher education establishments.

Futurotextiles Awards aims to promote in general and the use of new flexible and composite materials, in urban design and for everyday use.

Enter the First International Competition Dedicated to Innovative Textiles and Design

The challenge is to highlight one’s creativity to develop the textiles of the future or discover new applications.

Three prizes shall be awarded in the Professional category:

  • The CETI Prize (€5,000) – Advanced Technology in textile innovation
  • The Lille-design Prize (€5,000) – High User Quality
  • The lille3000 Prize (€2,000) – High Creativity and a focus on the FUTUROTEXTILE 3 exhibition during the CETI opening

In the three prizes a budget shall be awarded to start prototyping issued upon submission of expenditure records (€10,000 for CETI, €10,000 for Lille-design and €2,500 for lille3000)

Three prizes shall be awarded in the Student category among 20 nominees with sponsors: €2,000 for each prize and up to €3,000 to start the project. The 20 nominees shall be exhibited during the inaugural period at CETI.

The prizes shall be awarded on CETI’s opening night, on Wednesday, 10th october 2012.