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Ghost Project 2014: Social Innovation Competition

Mikser Association is currently calling for submissions in the Ghost Project 2014: Social Innovation International design competition. The competition is open to anyone aged 35 years and younger, from any part of the world.

The Winners become participants in the Mikser Festival 2014, Southeast Europe’s largest regional festival of creativity and innovation taking place in Belgrade’s creative quarter of Savamala, from 3-8 June, 2014.

The Ghost Project’ slogan: Social Innovation calls for new concepts, initiatives and solutions that use design tools to strengthen community. Projects whose innovative features are driven by social demands rather than the market are encouraged. The competition embraces creative re-combination of existing assets: human capital, cultural heritage, local craftsmanship and accessible innovative technology aiming at establishing communication, sustainability and sense of common wellbeing within a contemporary civic society.

Design concepts, community projects, products, furniture, lighting, interior elements, everyday objects, home accessories, fashion garments, stationary, aid products, recycled materials, etc. that offer innovative yet rational solutions to everyday problems can all be submitted.

Here is what’s important to the competition Jury:

  • innovative features that enhance the quality of contemporary life;
  • ergonomics;
  • rational production costs;
  • use of materials available locally;
  • environmentally friendly production process;
  • significant social impact.

The Ghost Project International design competition started as a small local exhibition of unexecuted projects in 2006. Today, it is one of the largest regional reviews of design talents from around the world, enhancing the exchange between designers from different cultural backgrounds and giving unique insight into upcoming design resources.