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HP Climate Change Photography Contest ‘09

The world around you is changing. When most people think of global warming, they think of icebergs melting, seas rising and low-lying areas getting flooded. But it is no longer just an apocalyptic warning of doom. It is no longer something that will happen in some distant land. Flashfloods, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and other natural disasters are becoming commonplace. Each one of us is being affected. The impact of climate change is no longer something that will come in the future – it is happening right here… right now.

The HP Climate Change Photography Contest, in association with Sanctuary Asia and WWF-India asks you to record these changes happening around you. A single, striking image has the power to tell a story that truly hits home. Through your photos, we hope to spread your message to the world and help bring about a change in the way we look at our planet.


Create a photograph that draws attention to the challenges and solutions of climate change and drives us toward local and global action. You are limited only by your imagination.


  • First Prize – (1 entry) – 1dv6 fully loaded entertainment PC + picture featured on SA cover
  • Second Prize – (3 entries) – 1HP Mini + 1 Photosmart printer
  • Third prize – (5 entries) – 1 Photosmart printer


  • Only users of Indian Nationality are eligible for entry to the contest.
  • The Entrant must be the sole author and the owner of the copyright of all photos submitted. Participants must declare at the time of registration – that the entry is their own work and must agree to the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder.
  • The maximum number of photographs that one user can upload is 5
  • All photo entries submitted need to be in JPEG file format for quality assurance
  • The size limit of one photograph is 4MB
  • Each Entry must have a caption of less than 160 characters
  • Manipulation: The competition allows only basic adjustments to be applied to the entire image; helping to ensure that the winning image is selected based on photographic merit rather than computer skills. The faithful representation of a natural form, behavior or phenomenon must be maintained. Sandwich shots, double exposures, photographs, which consist in any way more than one separate image, is not eligible for the competition. Images may be cropped before submission, and limited digital manipulation such as ‘cleaning’, sharpening, adjusting levels, burning, dodging, curves, color and contrast is permissible where applied to the image as a whole. However, entries that has other wise been significantly enhanced or altered in whole or in part using programs such as Adobe Photoshop will not be admissible.
  • The picture uploaded must not contain any illicit material
  • Only images of wild subjects in a non-captive state will be considered. Take care not to disturb birds and other wildlife when taking photographs. Nest shots are not permitted. If cruel or unethical practices are suspected by any of the judges, the entry will be disqualified.
  • While copyright remains with the photographer, HP, Sanctuary magazine and WWF India reserve the right to reproduce entries in print, online and other media (with appropriate photo-credits). Images may also be used elsewhere in connection with the contest.
  • The contest is open to public, including employees of Sanctuary Asia, WWF India and Hewlett-Packard India.
  • The winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, whose decision will be final. No correspondence will be exchanged to discuss the merits and demerits of images that are not selected. In the event the entries do not meet the judges’ standards, the organizers reserve the right to refrain from declaring an award.
  • The prizes are not exchangeable for any item and are non transferable. The decision of the judges with respect to the model of the prizes shall be final and no dispute shall be entertained in this regard.
  • Users will have to register to enter the contest. Registration and entry for the contest is free.
  • For any queries regarding the contest please email us on

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Register and submit your photos by using the official registration form.