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HVAC Innovation Challenge by SKM

SKM Air Conditioning LLC is looking for ideas and solutions to address HVAC industry challenges innovatively.

The competition is open to professionals, researchers, academics, experts, or students that have an innovative project that contributes to the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry, society, & environment.

You can apply for one of 13 different tracks, for a chance to win up to $15,000.

Project submissions are accepted in the following tracks:

  • Enhancing the performance of air conditioning equipment by implementing new solutions
  • Utilization of renewable energy in air conditioning systems
  • Introducing air conditioning equipment for agriculture applications (for indoor planting) suitable for high temperature and humidity regions.
  • Utilization of 3D printing technology in HVAC Industry
  • Using nonmetallic parts/ casings for air conditioning equipment
  • Air conditioning system solutions for open areas in high humidity climate
  • Implementation of CFD and other simulation software to enhance the performance of air conditioning equipment
  • Utilization of heat losses from air conditioning equipment
  • Using new techniques in manufacturing of Air conditioning equipment
  • Solutions for enhancing corrosion resistance
  • General Track: Other solutions related to HVAC apply.

Judging shall be done based on the following criteria:

  • Implementation feasibility
  • Design & Methodology
  • The authenticity of the proposed idea

The organizers shall select a total of seven winners in the HVAC Innovation Challenge, endowed with the following awards.

  • 1st place: $15,000, plus commercialization support
  • 2nd place: $10,000, plus commercialization support
  • 3rd place: 5 winners to get commercialization support for their projects

SKM Air Conditioning LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of Air Conditioning Equipment in the Gulf.