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Jing Shan Classic 2020 – Cultural and Creative Arts Awards

Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation is calling for applications for the Jing Shan Classic 2020 – Cultural and Creative Arts Awards.

The theme of the 2020 session is “Benevolence“. Participants are invited to use the theme of “Benevolence”, combining with creators’ creativity and design taken from artworks by Xia Jing Shan.

The Foundation sincerely invites you to join in this event as well as to inspire more innovative designs from younger generations. Total prize up to $80,000!

Three competition categories are available, including:

  • Graphic Design — The graphic design works or applied designs can convey the concepts through visual art such as illustrations, books, printings, or package designs. At the same time, it can combine materials such as images, symbols, or scripts. The materials and methods of design are not limited, which refer to the computer graphics or hand creations; either a single image or a series of works are welcome.
  • Gift Design — The gift design works can use any daily necessities as creative subjects, for instance, stationery, toys, ornaments, lamps, storage, dolls, furniture, bedding, accessories, etc. Materials are not limited, and it can be made as a single set or a series of sets, but those should be available for mass production.
  • Video — The video work can present as animation, motion graphics, video film, or microfilm. It should be limited within 5 minutes. Scripts, soundtracks, images, animations, or other possible materials are available to use for creating any innovative or industrial-oriented artworks.

The founder of Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation, Xia Jing Shan, devotes to painting and calligraphy in his whole life. Moreover, he wishes to contribute to the society and inspire the youth through education.