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International Uranium Film Festival 2024

The International Uranium Film Festival is calling for submissions for 2024 and invites all filmmakers from around the world to participate with their best work.

The Uranium Film Festival is interested in productions dealing with nuclear power, radioactivity and the use of radioactive elements like uranium.

The festival is competitive. The best films receive the Uranium Film Festival trophy.

The festival’s award is a piece of art produced by Brazilian waste-material-artist Getúlio Damado who lives and works in the famous artist quarter Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro where the first International Uranium Film Festival was held in May 2011. For more than a decade Getúlio collects garbage and transforms it into “gold”. Meanwhile his waste-art is part of exhibitions not only in Rio de Janeiro but also in São Paulo and other parts of the world.

The Uranium Film Festival accepts submissions of feature length and short length films in all genres: Documentary, Fiction, Experimental, Animation, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, Suspense, Student productions… The festival is also interested in educational and image films about nuclear science, nuclear power, radioactivity.

It is not mandatory that the films are new productions; they could have been produced at any time.

The International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) – since 2016 also known as Atomic Age Cinema Fest – is dedicated to all nuclear issues and the whole nuclear fuel chain: from uranium mining to nuclear waste, from nuclear war to nuclear accidents. This in the world unique film festival was founded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro and took place for the first time in May 2011 in two historical cultural centres in the bohemian quarter Santa Teresa.

The Festival was founded in 2010 in Santa Teresa, the famous artist quarter in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, one year before the Fukushima reactor exploded. The first Uranium Film Festival then was held in May 2011. Main venue is the Cinematheque of Rio de Janeiro’s Modern Art Museum (MAM Rio). The festival is dedicated to all films about nuclear power and the risks of radioactivity, from uranium mining to nuclear waste, from atomic bombs to nuclear power plants, from Hiroshima to Fukushima. It throws light on all nuclear issues.

With a selection of the best films the festival travels also to other cities and countries. Until today more than 70 Uranium Film Festivals took place in more than 40 cities and seven countries like Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Jordan, Portugal and USA. Since its first edition in Hollywood in 2016, the International Uranium Film Festival is also known as The Atomic Age Cinema Fest.

The Next festival is scheduled for 25 May–1 June, 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Modern Art Museum Cinematheque.

International Uranium Film Festival 2024 – Entry Fees

Entry fee starts from 5 Euro and varies depending on the submission type and the date of submission. Entries submitted after 31 October 2023 are considered late and cost more.