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KINOKI International College Film Festival 2011

KINOKI is the International College Film Festival, which is held every year in February and is organized by students from the Universidad Iberoamericana, through the Department of Communication and the Film Studies area.

Inspired by the ideology of Dziga Vertov, a pillar of Soviet cinema and creator of the kino-glaz or cinema-eye, KINOKI seeks to express a deeper truth through cinema than that which the human eye perceives.

KINOKI was born with the commitment to give voice to young filmmakers around the world, providing a space to promote new audiovisual proposals.


The KINOKI International College Film Festival is looking for films and videos with a maximum duration of 22 minutes. However, the selection committee reserves the right to accept films and videos of longer duration in exceptional cases.

Copies of the films and videos for public exhibition must be submitted in the following formats: MiniDV or Digital File and DVD (as backup).


The Kinoki Film Festival will take place at the campus “Universidad Iberoamericana”, Mexico City, from the 21st of February to the 25th day of February of 2011.

The following awards will be given during the 2011 KINOKI International College Film Festival:

  • Grand Prize for the Best Mexican Short film
  • Grand Prize for the Best Short film
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Animation Feature
  • Best Experimental Feature
  • Best Direction
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Music Design
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Art Direction
  • Audience Award


  • Only Mexican’s and foreigner’s films and videos whose realization run by college students (of any career and college) who are studying today or who have completed a period not exceeding two years are eligible for the KINOKI International College Film Festival.
  • All the short films that are not shot in Spanish language must be subtitled in Spanish or English.
  • All films and shorts that register for the festival must have the authorizations, copyright or any related rights. This includes: music, script, set design, right of voices, actor authorizations, singers and performers of music and more. Any film or video without the registration form and letter of copyright approval, together with a copy of your official identification will not be accepted.
  • The participants need to attach a photocopy of their college ID and any official identification from who signs as the author of the film or video.

How to enter?

Fill out the online entry form on the official website. Then, send copies of the film or video to the address below. Please, be sure to read the complete official rules and regulations before submitting your entry.

Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México
Edificio I “Departamento de Comunicación”,
Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 880,
Lomas de Santa Fe,
C.P. 01219,
Distrito Federal