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Laka Competition 2020: Architecture that Reacts

Laka invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of “architecture that reacts” and enter the 2020 competition. Its main focus is on the solutions that develop through a process of changes and adjustments.

The subject of the competition is architectural, urban, technological, or product design that is capable of dynamic interaction with its social, natural, or built surroundings.

Main prizes and honorable mentions will be selected. The winner for the year 2020 and the laureates of the main prizes will be awarded additional cash prizes and invited to present their projects during the ‘Architecture in Foyer 2020’ conference at the Solarlux Campus (Melle, Germany) on 23–24 April, 2020. Laureates of all recognitions will be presented on Laka’s websites, promoted via Laka’s network of partners, and included in future publications related to the competition ‘Architecture that Reacts.’ Moreover, the best projects will be exhibited during ‘Architecture in Foyer 2020.’

The main focus of the competition is on solutions developed through a process of changes and adjustments. Achieving the competition subject goal requires an interdisciplinary approach that often goes beyond typical solutions. The winning projects from the previous editions often took advantages from disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, biodesign and biofabrication, computational design, materials science, bioarchitecture, social sciences, industrial design, mobility, and more.

Participants are free to decide the project’s location, scale, size, and program.

Laka Competition ‘Architecture that Reacts’ celebrates its fifth edition in 2019.

The host of the Laka Competitions is Laka Foundation (a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization, EU VAT No. PL6381817438).

2020 Competition Schedule

The UTC time zone applies to all dates.

  • Early Registration until 1 August 2019
  • Regular Registration until 1 November 2019
  • Late Registration until 1 December 2019
  • Project submission deadline: 20 December 2019
  • Jury deliberation: January 2020
  • Winners’ announcement: 1 February 2020
  • ‘Architecture in Foyer 2020’ conference: 23–24 April, 2020

Laka Competition 2020 – Entry Fees

  • Team of professionals
    • Early Registration: $100
    • Regular Registration: $125
    • Late Registration: $150
  • Individual professional
    • Early Registration: $75
    • Regular Registration: $100
    • Late Registration: $125
  • Team of students
    • Early Registration: $50
    • Regular Registration: $75
    • Late Registration: $100
  • Individual student
    • Early Registration: $25
    • Regular Registration: $50
    • Late Registration: $75