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Loving Outdoors: Product Design Competition

Concurrently to the organization of Sun&Shadow Expo 2010, Kormos Technical Editions Ltd company organizes the youth competition Loving Outdoors.

The subject of the competition is: three-dimension construction for exterior space, consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device.

Students and young people up to 32 years old can take part.


Product design of a three-dimension construction for exterior space that is a synthesis consisted of a seat, a table and a shading device.

The different elements included in the construction should have similar morphological approach. The different elements (seat – table – shading device) can be an integrated construction or they can be separated.

The construction must be suitable for use at a private or public place.

The criteria according to those the evaluation committee will choose the final three projects to be awarded are the following:

  • Innovative synthesis choices and materials’ combination
  • Accuracy and effectiveness of materials’ choice (durable in external conditions). Possible use of eco-friendly, recyclable or recycled materials.
  • Functionality – ergonomics of the construction
  • Innovation of the project and design quality
  • Clarity of the project’s presentation
  • Changeability
  • Easy-storage
  • Project’s Effectuation (the structure can be constructed)


  • 1st Prize: €3000
  • 2nd Prize: €1500
  • 3nd Prize: €500


  • It is a youth competition. Only students in public and private educational institutes and young people up to 32 years old can enter the competition.
  • The competitors can take part as individuals or in groups.
  • Employees of Kormos Technical Editions Ltd, members of the evaluation committee, and relatives of 1st degree of the persons mentioned above, cannot enter the competition.
  • Each entry should include original and unpublished projects and designs. Projects that participate concurrently to other competitions, underlie to third parties legal rights and include advertising messages will be rejected.
  • Every single competitor transfers the copyrights to the Organizer as far as the publication of the projects via media is concerned.
  • The same projects cannot take part in different competitions or be used to different events until the expiration day of Loving Outdoors competition (1 July – 12 December, 2010).

How to enter?

The competitors must send electronically (via YouSendIt) at lovingoutdoors [at] (please replace [at] with @) the file with their project, which must contain the following:

  • an image file (table) of .jpg format (max 30 MB):
    • Width: 100 cm,
    • Height: 70 cm,
    • 300 dpi resolution,
    • RGB type.
  • a text file of .doc format with the project’s description in Greek / English. The text should explain the main idea, the materials’ choice and the construction procedures (maximum number of words, 650).
  • a file of .doc format including the competitor’s personal data (there is the .doc form in the competition’s web link).
  • the same folder that will be sent via YouSendIt must be sent in lower resolution (max 4 MB) at the following email: lovingoutdoors [at] (please replace [at] with @).