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Open Web Award 2011

Transmediale in collaboration with Mozilla have announced the creation of the new Open Web Award 2011 a special third platform for creative excellence alongside the transmediale Award 2011 and the Vilém Flusser Theory Award 2011.

The transmediale Open Web Award is a new platform for radical, creative and innovative art works and projects that are on the web and about the web, use open and free technology and incite participation and/or collaboration.

They can be critical, celebratory or both.


Projects should have the potential to demonstrate and/or objectively critique the potential of open web issues, and those employing the creative use of HTML5 and other developing ‘open’ technologies will be given specific consideration.

The point is to play with both the idea and materiality of the (open) web in ways that spark new thinking and practice.


The winner(s) of the Open Web Award 2011 will receive a total prize of €5000, and be given the opportunity to have supported status on Mozilla Drumbeat Festival 2010.


  • Applications are accepted from individuals, groups, or collectives as well as recognised organisations or individuals acting on behalf of entrants.
  • More than one work may submitted by the same artist/applicant, using a separate application for each work. Fields marked * are required.
  • No demo versions please – only completed works!
  • While older works are eligible the Award is oriented towards new works, produced since 1 January 2009.
  • Works submitted must be in English or German or have subtitles in either of these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text list or clear explanation in English or German.

How to enter?

Submit your work using the online form on the official website. In order to do so you must register by creating your own personal and unique user account or, if you have registered in the past, login.