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Marriott Room 2022 – Hotel Room Design Challenge on jovoto

The hotel room has been fundamentally the same in design for the past hundred years: bed; desk; bathroom; chair; lamp; TV. However, guests have changed dramatically: they are more technologically savvy, design-aware, in-tune with their sleeping and grooming habits and more sensitive to their surroundings than ever before.

Marriott International and jovoto want to usher in a new wave of thinking around the way in which hotel rooms are designed and built.

Rather than refining or tweaking the traditional hotel room experience, you’re invited to push the reset button and design a hotel room from the ground up, incorporating the needs and wants of not just the modern traveler, but the traveler of the future.

Design the Hotel Room of the Future!

Set your spirit free and develop the hotel guestroom experience that might exist ten years from now.

Break through traditional approaches and create a physical space based upon what you imagine are the wants and needs of the traveler in 2022 and beyond. Your thinking should be bold and groundbreaking.

Community and Jury Cash Prizes Available

The total prize money for this challenge is $15,000 and will be broken down in the following way:

  • Community Prize (as voted by the Jovoto community): $7,500
    • 1st: $3,500
    • 2nd: $1,500
    • 3rd: $1000
    • 4th-6th: $500
  • Jury Prize (as voted by the Jury): $7,500
    • Winner: $4,000
    • 1st Runner Up: $2,500
    • 2nd Runner Up: $ 1,000

A Challenge for Every jovoto Member

  • The Room 2020 interior design contest is a public contest on jovoto, that is, everybody can join.
  • The submission period is opened from 9 November 2011 until 21 December 2011, and is followed by an only rating period until 28 December 2011.

Submit Your Ideas on the jovoto Creative Platform

This contest is open to all members on the jovoto creative platform. If you don’t already have an account on jovoto, you’ll need to register. The registration is free.

Once you are registered and logged in you can submit your entries via the contest’s page on jovoto.