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The PENNY Plot Contest on jovoto

Another branded competition is currently open for entries on jovoto. “The PENNY Plot” is a contest about telling a story that can fit the brand of one of Germany’s biggest discount supermarkets. PENNY is searching for new, creative stories, which build up to and follow up the “First to PENNY” claim.

This is a huge contest on jovoto as it combines telling a story for radio, TV or both. It’s open to everyone!

The overall community prize of this contest includes €15,000, €3,000 of which will be awarded to the story that wins the first place.

Story About the PENNY brand

Tell a story that fits in with the “First to PENNY” claim.

It should be possible to use your story for radio or TV, preferably for both media. What counts is the idea of your story – the more creative and surprising the resolution the better. But it’s up to you which form you decide to present it in.

  • The story as a pure text concept.
  • The film idea as a treatment, storyboard, animation or even a film (layout).
  • The radio idea as a script or even a recording (layout).

Your story should focus on the campaign claim “First to PENNY” and at least one of the aforementioned key PENNY topics (e.g. “friendliness of staff”, “freshness guarantee” etc.) or a PENNY offer (like “bread and baked goods”, “fresh meat” etc.)

Overall Community Prize of €15,000!

There is up to €3,000 that people can win in cash as well as a €3,500 licensing fee.

Contest Requirements and Regulations

  • The campaign claim “First to PENNY” must feature in your story.
  • Your story should in no way be political or make references to the church and it must be suitable for children.
  • Your story should focus on the aforementioned key PENNY topics (such as “friendliness of staff”, “freshness guarantee” etc.) or PENNY offers (like “bread and baked goods”, “fresh meat” etc.)
  • You can upload videos in the formats MPEG, MOV, MP4, AVI and WMV, (maximum 50 MB).
  • You can upload audio files as MP3, OGG or WAV (maximum 10 MB).

How to Submit to the PENNY Plot?

Submit your entries on jovoto. You need to be a jovoto member to submit.