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Siemens – Changing Your City for the Better Contest on Zooppa

Cities can be made more sustainable by using eco-friendly products and implementing innovative energy and infrastructure solutions. With the “Changing Your City for the Better” Contest, Siemens wants to hear and see your story on how sustainable cities can become a reality.

In this Zooppa contest you’re invited to create a short video that’s exploring how improvements in sustainability, energy supply, urban infrastructure and mobility can change your city, or any city, around the world for the better.

For this project, Siemens is looking for contributions from around the world. Videos may be in any language – though you will need to submit an English language text transcript with your video.

Siemens Striving for More Sustainable Cities

Create a video, between 2 minutes (120 seconds) and 5 minutes (300 seconds) long, exploring how improvements in one of the following areas can change your city, or any city, around the world for the better.

Overarching topic: Sustainable cities

Sub topics:

  • Energy Supply (e.g. power generation, power transmission & distribution, smart grids, electro mobility, etc)
  • Urban Infrastructures and Mobility
  • Efficient, Intelligent Buildings

Siemens is looking for human, journalistic, authentic stories – not commercials or industrial films. Your videos should be about everyday challenges of urban life regarding the above topic areas and either your personal vision of how and by what means urban life should/could be better in the future. The video can, however, also be based in the present showing how technology already does improve urban life for the better in the one or the other area – for single people, groups of people, communities or a whole city.

Siemens representatives will review all eligible entries/videos based on the following criteria:

  • compelling story (25%),
  • HD production value (25%),
  • capturing the spirit of the “Changing Your City for the Better” brief (25%),
  • accuracy/factual (25%).

Fifteen (15) Cash Prizes to be Won!

Wow! There are 15 prizes that can be won in this contest. All of them are cash prizes!

  • 1st Place $15,000
  • 2nd Place $7,500
  • 3rd Place $4,500
  • 4th Place $2,500
  • 5th Place $2,000
  • 6th Place $1,500
  • 7th Place $1,000
  • 8th Place $950
  • 9th Place $900
  • 10th Place $800
  • 11th Place $850
  • 12th Place $700
  • 13th Place $650
  • 14th Place $600
  • 15th Place $550

Video Requirements

You must consider the following requirements while creating your film:

  • Video length up to a maximum of 300 seconds (shorter is also OK).
  • Include an English-language text transcript of all spoken content in your video.
  • Do NOT use any Siemens branding in your film. Make it YOUR film, YOUR story, both in content and style.
  • Close your video with an end slate, either summarizing the main aspects of your story, or maybe even giving an outlook, offering some surprising information, and possibly some related links to interesting websites, blogs, etc.
  • Your video should be shot in HD.

How to Enter this Siemens Contest on Zooppa?

Submit your videos on the contest page on Zooppa. A free registration is required to submit. If you’re already a member on Zooppa, you don’t have to register again. You can submit right away.