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MCA 2018 – Montelupo Ceramic Award

Montelupo Ceramic Award (MCA) is a new international competition to produce a ceramic artifacts during an on-site residency close to Florence, Italy.

The 2018 edition theme is “everyday object”. Submission is free and open for young designers up to 35 years of age.

The total cash prize of $4,550, divided between three (3) winners. The best three designs will also be produced. The First prize winner will be invited by the organizer of the competition to a fully-paid one-week residency in Florence, Italy.

Participants are challenged to develop a project for producing an object entirely made of ceramics.

Ceramics have been furnishing our lives forever and Montelupo Ceramics Award is meant to emphasize not only ceramic as a material designated to the creation of precious, exclusive and purely contemplative works, but also the ceramics artifact’s design as a daily life object and its reproducibility that takes center stage in everyone’s daily life.

The Commission will select, among the candidates, the authors of the most original, meaningful and qualitatively valuable projects according to the following criteria:

  • Creative values of the project
  • Innovative value of the object itself, that must reflect the proposed theme and the necessities of the contemporary world.
  • Design effectiveness, reading ease, support’s use and maintenance
  • Economic sustainability and technological viability

Participation is open to individuals (singularly or in groups), such as: professionals, design and applied arts students, with no limits of location or geographical origin.

The competition is hosted by Fondazione Museo Montelupo Onlus, based in Montelupo Fiorentino at Museo della Ceramica, Florence, Italy.