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Michelin Challenge Design 2014 – Call for Entries

OEM design studios, Independent design studios, Individual designers, Academic Transportation Design students and teams and Automotive suppliers are all invited to enter the next Michelin Challenge Design.

Through this annual design competition, Michelin North America is exploring vehicle design of the future. The focus of Michelin Challenge Design 2014 is autonomous technology. Michelin Challenge Design will recognize exciting and passionate designs that employ innovative vehicle architecture and interactive technologies, without compromising functionality, safety or comfort.

The top three designers will be invited to attend the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) as a guest of Michelin.

The Challenge for 2014: Driven / Undriven: The Duality of Tomorrow’s Automobile

Vehicle autonomy is emerging as an essential component of future mobility systems. As a result of increases in populations, vehicles and traffic demands, city planners and automotive system designers expect the car of the future will require some method of autonomous control to keep city traffic flowing.

This year’s Challenge takes dual forms:

  1. Design your future vehicle with unique features and capabilities to engage you and your interests while in the autonomous mode required by increasingly dense urban environments.
  2. Demonstrate how your creative design transforms your driven vehicle into an extension of your lifestyle and allows you to experience driving pleasure and life’s adventures in new or more meaningful ways.

Here is what you’re expected to submit:

  • 2D renderings/drawings/sketches illustrating vehicle architecture from a minimum of three perspectives—at least one with context of people and intended driving environment.
  • 2D renderings/drawings/sketches illustrating the tire and wheel assembly, including dimensions and specifications.
  • Description of materials or manufacturing process enabling the innovation and the means by which the transformation is accomplished from one dual mode to the other.
  • A brief (200 word) essay on the envisioned targeted usage and benefits, the unique capabilities the vehicle can employ when in an autonomous mode as well as expected trends for the size of wheels and tires and the electronics that will be present in the tire of the future to enable a unique driving experience.

We strongly suggest that you visit the official website for further info.