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MINI Space Strength in Numbers Design Competition

MINI Space – the urban initiative by MINI – is currently hosting a design competition on the theme “Strength in Numbers”. The challenge is to create a photo, illustration or design on the given theme, that is fun + fascinating.

The theme basically suggests that submissions should represent, depict or show several same or different objects in a scene.

What’s in for you? Well, you could win a Macbook Air, iPad, or iPhone, plus get your design published on Mini Space.

A Design Competition About Showing Objects in Numbers

Two heads are better than one. No man is an island. Divided we fall. The more the merrier: this competition is all about showing objects in numbers. It might be in a magnificent swarm of starlings, an army of ants tackling a leaf, the stunning synchronicity of a dance troupe, or the orchestral swirl of a cluster of stars in the evening sky. You can hear it in the roar of a stadium and the hum of a beehive. Our daily lives are filled with inspiring demonstrations of synergy and each are ripe with visual potential.

Show the organizers how you interpret the theme of Strength in Numbers, and you could be in with the chance to win a Macbook Air, iPad, or iPhone.

Your submission must be 100% original work and you shouldn’t use any brand logos in your work. So, get inspired, create, and share fun and fascination.

For further details and to upload your submission, please visit MINI Space – through the official website link below. Do note that a free registration is required to submit.