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The 2nd UncommonGoods Jewelry Design Challenge

After the first very successful edition, UncommonGoods is now inviting you to join and compete in its second Jewelry Design Challenge. Think earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, watches or bracelets, and whatever else you think will make the organizers say “wow”.

There’s not much time left to enter, so if you find this competition interesting, act quickly. This competition expires in less than a week!

The main prize is $500 + an UncommonGoods vendor contract.

Enter the 2nd UncommonGoods Jewelry Design Challenge

Your art designs should tell a story, be intelligent, and show your creative individuality. People at UncommonGoods love to see jewelry that is original and uncommon!

The organizers accept all sorts of materials as long as they are safe and animal-friendly — so no lead, leather, feathers, or pearls. But they love unique materials that tell an interesting story. Don’t forget to share that story with your product description and with alternate images. Remember, each design must be an original work and cannot include any copyrighted elements (no logos, slogans, or art in use).

This competition is only open for US residents, but there’s no limit to nationality.

A complete list of rules and requirements can be found on UncommonGoods’ official website.