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Morisawa Type Design Competition 2012

In recognition of a heightening interest in typefaces, Morisawa Inc. is pleased to announce Morisawa Type Design Competition 2012, a competition that seeks to discover next generation designers and envision the possibilities of richer character design.

The competition is open to any individual, group or nationality.

Winners of the best designs will win testimonials, trophies and big money sub-prizes. The Gold prize in each category is huge – 1 million Yen – more than US $12,200!

Morisawa Inc. Celebrating the Originality and Beauty of Typefaces

With the restart of the Morisawa Type Design Competition, Morisawa Inc. newly invites proposals for typefaces that celebrate and pursue originality and beauty, and has established an award category specifically for product release by Morisawa to ensure immediate access to an excellent entry.

The Morisawa Type Design Competition 2012 is open for entries in the following categories:

  • Kanji category
  • Latin category

Either or both categories may be chosen and there is no limit to the number of submissions per entrant.

The Organizer will be awarding three (3) prizes for the best designs:

  • Morisawa Award – for creativity and excellence of design
  • Akashi Award – for typeface designs appropriate for commercialization by Morisawa Inc.
  • Peopleʼs Choice – voted by the general public

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes for each of the two main categories, for both awards. The Gold prize in each category is huge – 1 million Yen – more than US $12,200!

The competition opens for registration on 2 June 2012, which leaves you plenty of time to prepare your designs.

For more information and registration, on to the official website – usually, linked below.