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Open to Interpretation: Love / Lust Juried Photo Competition

Open to Interpretation is calling on photographers to submit images for consideration in the juried book competition “Love/Lust”. Any amateur or professional photographer is welcome to submit work for consideration.

Open to Interpretation is a juried book competition bringing together photographers and writers. Each book begins with a themed call for photographs. The selected images become the literary inspiration for the writers’ submissions, from which two are chosen to accompany each image. The subsequent pairing of photographs and written pieces, culminates in the publication of a high-quality, fine art book.

Open to Interpretation is Accepting Entries for the Love/Lust Juried Photo Competition

Portraits, fashion, editorial, landscape, documentary, conceptual, or any other genre is open for consideration. Color, b&w, iPhone, or alternative processes are all eligible.

Lust is an intense appetite, craving, or untamed desire. We lust for an array of things—money, power, objects, sex, or just living life. Love is a powerful affection or personal attachment and comes in a variety of forms, which can encompass romantic, sexual, platonic, narcissistic, or even religious feelings or attitudes. Show us your interpretations. Who or what do you love or lust for? What images capture these emotions for you?

(Note: Love and Lust don’t both need to be depicted in your submissions. Choose one or the other … but then again sometimes they do overlap!)

The following awards will be announced by the end of March 2013:

  • $1000 Cover Image
  • $500 Judge’s Selection Award

Entry Fees

$40 for 5 images, $10 each additional