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PhotoVisa 2013, 5th International Festival of Photography

PhotoVisa 2013, the 5th International Festival of Photography has recently opened its annual photography competition for entries. Themed “Climate. The Changes”, this year’s competition is all about the global changes on Earth we witness, in the time we live in.

The PhotoVisa competition is held in three stages.

Photographers from Russia and abroad are invited to join and get a chance to present their work in the city of Krasnodar in Russia.

The 5th International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa Opens 2013 Photography Competition

Climate is one of the most pressing and important issues of our time. Life of huge communities of people, cities and states as well as development of the whole bio-systems including rivers and forests, mountains and seas, where thousands of plants are growing and millions of flying, floating, crawling and running depends on the fact – will it be colder or warmer on our planet. And among the creatures is mammals species Homo sapiens, the humans.

The global changes on the planet Earth we are witnessing today became the theme of the International Festival of photography PhotoVisa in 2013. Some of the changes are directly caused by human activities, either of entire communities or persons who sometimes change the world on their own – architects, politicians, engineers, literally changing the world we see, or, like artists, writers or journalists are changing our view of the world. A newborn child or a child leaving the shelter of parents change the climate in the family, as well as teachers and unknown heroes.  Our planet is changing due to the impact of space radiation, meteorites, it is changing due to human influence, is changing over Time… The theme of PhotoVisa 2013 is not only climate change, but the times in which we live.

Photographs taken not earlier than in year 2009 by photographers of any age living in Russia and abroad are accepted.