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Prix Ars Electronica 2012 – CyberArts Competition

It’s time for another edition of the highly anticipated international competition Prix Ars Electronica. Ars Electronica is accepting entries for the 2012 Prix Ars Electronica competition and we invite you to enter. The 2012 winners will receive a total of €117,500 euros in prize money!

Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has served as an interdisciplinary platform for everyone who uses the computer as a universal medium for implementing and designing their creative projects at the interface of art, technology and society.

The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the most important awards for creativity and pioneering spirit in the field of digital media.

Prix Ars Electronica – International Competition for CyberArts

Prix Ars Electronica calls for entries and awards prizes in the following categories:

  • Computer Animation / Film / VFX
  • Interactive Art
  • Digital Musics & Sound Art
  • Hybrid Art
  • Digital Communities
  • u19–Create Your World
  • [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

A work may be entered in only one category. An artist may submit more than one work.

The Prix Ars Electronica 2012 awards presentation will take place during the Ars Electronica Festival 2012 in Linz, Austria.

With 48,939 entries since 1987 and prize money in 2011 totaling €117,500, the competition offers the largest cash purse for cyberarts worldwide. Each year, six Golden Nicas, twelve Awards of Distinction and approximately 70 Honorary Mentions as well as a grant for the category [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant are presented to participants.

To participate in the Prix Ars Electronica, you must register online, through the official website and submit all mandatory information online.