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RSA Student Design Awards 2013-2014 Competition

The RSA is inviting students around the world to think differently about design and join their Student Design Awards 2013-2014 Competition. The RSA challenges emerging designers to tackle pressing social, environmental and economic issues through design thinking.

The Competition has eight (8) creative briefs and separate prizes for each of the briefs. The briefs aim to be not only rigorous and challenging, but also accessible and engaging.

The RSA Student Design Awards is based in the UK, but the organizers welcome entries from students and new graduates anywhere in the world.

The eight (8) creative briefs are:

  1. Tomorrow’s Workplace
  2. Everyday Well-Being
  3. Improve Hygiene, Improve Lives
  4. Water Water, Everywhere
  5. Re-Invent The Toilet
  6. The Whole Package
  7. Innovation In Giving
  8. Collaborative Consumption

2014 marks the 90th anniversary of the RSA Student Design Awards. Since their birth as an industrial bursaries scheme in 1924, these awards have closely mirrored the evolution of professional design from single-discipline craftsmanship and narrowly-defined design for industry to more diffuse forms of service innovation and socially-inclusive professional practice.

RSA Student Design Awards 2013-2014 Competition Entry Fee

It costs £35 (inclusive of VAT) to enter the RSA Student Design Awards.