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Science Without Borders Challenge 2017 – Reef SuperSpecies

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has announced the 2017 Science Without Borders (SWB) Challenge, to once again, inspire student creativity while learning about important ocean conservation issues.

The competition for 2017 is themed “Reef SuperSpecies”.

Primary and secondary school students 11-19 years old from any part of the world are invited to participate, for a chance to be awarded with scholarships of up to $500, for their winning entries.

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s intention with this competition is to engage students to promote the need to preserve, protect, and restore the world’s oceans and aquatic resources… basically, get students, as well as teachers interested in ocean conservation through various forms of art.

For this year’s Challenge, use your imagination to create a piece of art that illustrates a made-up Reef SuperSpecies. A Reef SuperSpecies is an organism (plant or animal) that has found a way to adapt to a deadly threat facing coral reef ecosystems. You can make up an organism or base your organism off of an already existing reef organism.

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is a US based, non-profit foundation dedicated to conserving and restoring oceans through applied science, education and outreach, and working with local partners and governments to promote coral reef conservation.