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Sock It To Me 2016 Global Design-A-Sock Contest

Sock It to Me, a fun, clever, design-focused sock brand, is hosting its global Design-A-Sock Contest for 2016, inviting fans and artists from all around the world to enter.

Participants are invited to submit a unique sock design for a chance to win up to $2,000 in cash along with a huge batch of products, and have their winning design manufactured as part of Sock It to Me’s 2017 fashion collection!

This contest is open to entrants of all ages for a maximum of five (5) original entries per person.

There will be three (3) rounds of judging, applying all of the following criteria in each round to determine winners:

  1. Simplicity of design (designs that are too complicated or detailed don’t work well on socks);
  2. Use of a maximum of six colors;
  3. Use of colors that are flat and solids, NO shading, blending or half tones;
  4. Use of pattern;
  5. Use of imagery, themes, patterns, or designs that are different from our current line; and
  6. Originality.

Winners will be announced in early October 2016 on Facebook.

Sock It To Me’s Design-A-Sock contest is a celebration of designers and art, community and diversity, fashion and socks.