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Sonic Arts Award (SAAW) 2015 International Competition

SoundEx and moorroom cultural association are pleased to present the 2015 Sonic Arts Award (SAAW) annual sound design and digital art competition.

The Sonic Arts Award competition, which is now in its third year, is open to all artists over the age of 18 and aimed at the production and promotion of sonic arts at an international level.

Cash prizes will be awarded in each of the four (4) competition categories, as well as two residencies, granted by the Cardelli & Fontana Gallery in Sarzana and CAOS Museum in Terni, in Italy. Audio hardware and software will be awarded as well.

The SAAW 2015 competition categories include:

  1. Sound Art – Sound installation works, including multi-channel.
  2. Sonic Research – Works corresponding with an idea of exploratory music and advanced sounds that explores new codes of composition and innovative processes in the production of contemporary sound (electronic music, electroacoustic music, acousmatic, digital music, musique concrète, experimental music, free improvisation, glitch, ambient, exploratory music).
  3. Soundscapes – Soundscapes are sound compositions that use only field recordings as sound source.
  4. Digital Art – This section includes all works of Interactive Art and Media Art that, through the active participation of the general public, introduce innovative elements in the field of sound experimentation.

There is no specific theme but each work must necessarily fall into one of the four competition categories. The works will be evaluated based on criteria of sound research, quality, originality and compositional technique.

The jury is scheduled to select the four winning projects between February and April 2015 and the winners will be notified in June 2015.

Sonic Arts Award (SAAW) 2015 Competition Registration Fees

The registration fee is 25 Euro for the first piece of work entered, and 15 Euro for each subsequent work.