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Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2024 – Architecture Competition

TerraViva Competitions launches the 4th edition of Tactical Urbanism NOW!

The annual Tactical Urbanism NOW! competition is set to encourage creative and forward-thinking designers to propose new original spaces fostering long-term and sustainable changes. For its 4th edition, the contest calls for innovative tactical solutions able to reimagine cities all over the globe.

Prizes up to 10,000 Euro will be awarded to the winners selected by an international jury panel.

The goal of this competition is to experiment with site-specific case studies that can work as open laboratories to test novel approaches on urban transformation. This competition is a proof that urban acupuncture is deemed fitting in any possible context.

For architects, planners and designers, cities have turned into testing canvases for solutions that lead to both short and long-term changes. The paradigm shift in the built environment switches the narrative of how the public realm approaches complex challenges related to climate, urban sprawl, mobility, housing, among others.

Participants have complete freedom to outline the program, the overall output and the extents of their proposal. Likewise, the size and complexity of the intervention will be defined by each team according to the needs of that specific neighbourhood, plot, city or community.

Tactical Urbanism NOW! does not only encourage designers of radical minds, but also those who can unleash their creativity in the most effective way. This competition, collecting projects from the most ordinary to the most unusual sites, is a proof that urban acupuncture is deemed fitting in any possible context.

In line with the United Nations SDG n° 11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, this initiative pictures new creative and innovative proposals ready to make a worldwide impact!

Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2024 – Entry Fees

  • Early registration (until 16th February 2024): 69 Euro + VAT (22%)
  • Standard registration (until 15th March 2024): 89 Euro + VAT (22%)
  • Late registration (until 12th April 2024): 109 Euro + VAT (22%)