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TMZ on TV Video Challenge

If you want instant access to breaking celebrity news and an entertaining look at life in Hollywood, everyone knows TMZ is the first place to turn.

You are challenged to create 12-second or 27-second commercials for TMZ that capture and convey the humor and attitude of the show, in a way that makes viewers want to watch the show on television.

Your highly original, even off-the-wall videos should express the theme “We love Hollywood. We just have a funny way of showing it.”, without using any video footage from the show.


Create short video commercials for TMZ.

Your submission(s) must be either exactly 12 seconds long or exactly 27 seconds long and you can submit multiple entries in either length.

Every 12-second or 27-second ad must be based on the theme “We love Hollywood. We just have a funny way of showing it.” and must have an ending that includes:

  • One of the TMZ logos provided in the materials files
  • An original call to action that tells people to watch TMZ on television
  • The phrase “We love Hollywood. We just have a funny way of showing it.” (either as dialog, or text)

Your commercial should feature entirely original material, with three exceptions:

  • You can use the logos and background from the materials files.
  • You can use anything that’s provided in the materials files.
  • You can use still images from the newsroom in the TMZ show, including the reporters.

You must not use any video footage from the TMZ show (only stills from the newsroom are allowed) and no footage or images of celebrities (whether they appear on the show or not). Look-alikes and parodies are allowed.


  • $10000 – TMZ Client Award 1st Place
  • $3000 – TMZ Client Award 2nd Place
  • $1000 – TMZ Client Award 3rd Place
  • $1000 – TMZ Zooppa Award


  • Accepted video formats: asf, avi, dvd, flv, mp4, psp, mjpeg, mov, mpeg, mpegts, mpeg2video, rm, svcd, vcd, vob, 3gp, 3g2
  • Accepted video codecs: flv, huffyuv, h264, h263, mjpeg, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, mpeg4, qtrle, rv20, svq3, wmv1, wmv2, xvid
  • Accepted video ratio: 4:3, 16:9
  • Maximum video length: 12 or 27 seconds
  • Maximum video file size: 50MB
  • These words represent the way that TMZ wants to be described:

    411, Dish, Info, Interview, Juice, News, Scoop, Stories Camera Person, Reporter, Street Crew, Team (Member) About Town, Caught Up With, Face To Face, In Person, On The Street Biting, Cutting, Funny, Jest, Humorous, Mock, Poke Fun, Ribbing, Roast, Teasing

  • These words represent the way that TMZ doesn’t want to be described:

    Clips, Gossip, Innuendo, Insinuation, Packaged, Promos, Rumor, Speculation Journalist (overreaching), Paparazzi (negative) Ambush, Confrontation, Followed, Gotcha, Stalked

How to enter?

Register on Zooppa and upload your videos.