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2010 WPGA Annual Competition

The second edition of the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (WPGA) Annual Competition offers new and outstanding recognition opportunities for professional and non professional photographers worldwide.

WPGA is committed to discover and distinguish new talents as well as to acknowledge established artists.

Be part of the group of photographers that are shifting the world of photography: enter your images to one of the most challenging and rewarding photographic competitions.


This is a juried photography competition and your assignment is to submit photographs to the competition’s official categories, listed below.

  • Portrait
  • People
  • Culture and Daily Life
  • Self Portrait
  • Wedding
  • Children
  • Figure and Nude
  • Fine Art
  • Landscapes
  • Citiscapes
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Nature Architecture
  • Abstract
  • Macro and Micro
  • Still Life
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Editorial and Current Affairs
  • Humanitarian Documentary
  • Environmental Issues
  • Alternative Processes
  • Digital Manipulation

Please see detailed category descriptions before submitting your entries.

Professional, non Professional and Students will compete separately in three different sections. There are 25 categories in each section, and each category has two genres: single image, and series or portfolios.

Each genre will be judged as a different category to encourage a broad spectrum of submissions.


In each genre of every category in the three sections, judges will give First, Second, and Third prize, making a total of 450 awards.

The overall winners of each section will be selected among the first prizes of the each genre of the 25 categories. Will be recipients of the Pollux Award, and invited to attend the opening reception of the exhibition to be held in the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid (free round trip ticket to Madrid and 3-days lodging):

  • Professional: WPGA 2010 Professional Photographer of the Year, US $5,000 cash prize
  • Non Professional : WPGA Amateur Photographer of the Year, US $3,000 cash prize
  • Students: WPGA 2010 Emerging Talent of the Year, US $1,500 cash prize

Additionally one photographer will receive the WPGA Humanitarian Documentary Grant 2010 and US $3,000 cash prize.

The awarded images of the 3 sections (Professionals, Amateurs, and Students) and of the recipient of the Humanitarian Grant, as well as those of the first prize winners of the 25 categories (in single image and portfolio) will be exhibited in Madrid at the Circle of Fine Arts, being the artist reception coincidental with the Awards Ceremony to be held in November 2010, where the Pollux Awards will be presented.

The overall winners of the competition and the all awardees (first, second and third prize) of both genres (single image and series or portfolio) of the 25 categories of the three sections will be published in the Book 2010 WPGA Annual.


  • All photographers, professional, non professional or amateurs, and students, from every country in the world are eligible to participate.
  • A Professional photographer is a person who makes (or have made) most of her/his income from this profession.
  • Photographers of all ages are eligible to participate in the WPGA competitions.
  • There is no limitation as to the number of images or series that may be submitted, or the number of categories to which the image is submitted.
  • When the contest includes categories, all images or series will be judged in the respective categories they are submitted.
  • If the competition includes single images and series or portfolios, and several categories, single images and series or portfolios can be submitted separately to more than one thematic category. Also an image which is part of a series or portfolio and that was submitted to the genre “Series” of a determined category, can be submitted to the genre “Single image” of the same category or other category
  • All images are submitted online as digital files. Photographers with analog images are encouraged to participate by scanning their images into a digital file that meets the submission requirements.
  • There are no date restrictions as to when the photograph was created, or if the image has been previously awarded in other contest organised by WPGA or other organisations.

How to enter?

Submission of entries can only be done online through the competition’s official website.

Entry process consists of:

  1. Registration
  2. Payment of entry fees via credit card
  3. Uploading your images

Entry fee

  • Professionals:
    • Single Image: US $25
    • Each Additional Image: US $10
    • Series or Portfolio (5 to 8 images): US $50
    • Each additional series or portfolio: US $20
  • Non Professionals:
    • Single Image: US $20
    • Each Additional Image: US $8
    • Series or Portfolio (5 to 8 images): US $40
    • Each additional series or portfolio: US $16
  • Students:Students may submit one image at no cost!If you’re a student and are submitting just one single image (free), register and email WPGA at support [at] (please replace [at] with @). It is not necessary to email WPGA if your submitting more than one image since the software will automatically waive your first image.
    • Single Image: Free
    • Each Additional Image: US $5
    • Series or Portfolio (5 to 8 images): US $28
    • Each additional series or portfolio: US $10