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What Design Can Do – No Waste Challenge

What Design Can Do (WDCD) launches the No Waste Challenge, a global design competition calling for radical solutions to reduce waste.

This global design competition calls on all creatives and innovators to address the enormous impact of waste and consumerism on climate change. WDCD are looking for radical new ideas and design-driven solutions to reduce waste and rethink our entire consumption and production cycle.

Winning ideas are made into a reality with 10,000 Euro in funding and a global development programme.

Our planet is drowning in waste. Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tonnes of it worldwide. If we continue like this, our global annual waste production is expected to increase by a stunning 70 percent before 2050, accelerating massive social and environmental problems.

So, how do we encourage more mindful consumption; how can we produce in a way that considers the needs of the planet; and how can we handle waste more responsibly?

Proposals should be exciting, feasible, potentially scalable, and respond to at least one of three global design briefs as presented by WDCD.

To take different perspectives into account, WDCD conducted research with the help of partners in six major cities: Amsterdam, Delhi, Mexico City, Nairobi, São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. In each of these cities WDCD have developed a localised challenge track to guide participants from the region.

Please visit the official website for further details.

About What Design Can Do (WDCD)

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an international platform that advocates for design as a tool for social change. Since 2011, it has undertaken numerous activities to promote the role of designers in addressing the world’s most pressing societal and environmental issues.

To date, WDCD has hosted 13 successful conferences in Amsterdam, São Paulo, and México City. In 2016 WDCD launched an ambitious design challenge programme that engages the creative community with urgent societal issues such as the well-being of refugees and climate change.