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AGDA Design Awards 2015 Competition

The AGDA Design Awards 2015 competition has recently opened for submissions, to recognize and document the best work happening in Australia and New Zealand. Starting this year the AGDA Design Awards will be held annually.

The competition is open for submissions in fifteen (15) main categories five (5) of which are dedicated to Student work.

The competition jury, consisting of noted and talented, international and local creatives will select and award the best work with trophies and certificates, with finalists being announced on 1st September 2015.

All work submitted must have been printed, published or installed between 1st July 2014 and 30th June 2015.

Work from other countries, not just Australia and New Zealand, may be submitted as well.

AGDA Design Awards 2015 Entry Fees

Entry fees start at $15 per entry for work by AGDA Student members – though the first entry for Student members is free! The cost for all other AGDA members is $100 per entry.

The entry fee for AGDA Non-members is higher – $30/$150 per entry for Students/Everyone else.

Late entry fee of $10 per entry applies after 15th July 2015.