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Posterheroes 2024 – Making Mistakes

Posterheroes 2024 invites the international creative community to challenge our perfection-oriented society celebrating the transformative power of Making Mistakes.

Every year, Posterheroes invites students, professional designers, and everyone who is into graphic design to create a poster about topics of social interest.

All the works are judged by a selection panel composed of some of the most relevant graphic design and visual communication experts that choose 40 winning posters.

Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication that calls for posters (70×100 cm) about social and environmental issues.

Be sure to check out the 2024 brief and find out all of the details about the theme.

In a contemporary performance-oriented society, the obsession with perfection dominates every aspect of life, making mistakes synonymous with weakness and personal failure. Waste of time is not tolerated: every moment must be useful, productive, and functional.

We act as “performers” every day, engaged in managing our online profiles and constructing our social, professional, relational identities. To feel alive, we rely on a public, whether small or large, who follows us and whom we aspire to influence. We feel compelled to perform, forcefully projecting a representation of ourselves inspired by normative and artificial standards through what we share, like, and post.

At the same time, the pursuit of others’ appreciation and positive judgment based on the perfection of our actions, is increasingly cause of a widespread social anxiety. This search for uniqueness risks homogenizing us and, above all, fuels the fear of making mistakes, which become paralyzing, undermining self-esteem and hindering personal growth.

Yet, life is punctuated by mistakes and failures. Error is not just an incident along the path to perfection but rather a fundamental aspect of each individual and collective journey. Making mistakes is not merely a bump on the road to forget or hide, but rather a chance to surpass our limits, sometimes to change perspective and path, and to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

Mistakes are one of the pillars upon which the human learning process is founded. They enable us to experiment, explore different paths, and identify the most suitable ones. Failure serves as a bridge to innovation and progress, a catalyst for change, and an opening to new ideas and perspectives.

It is a key element for creative processes, allowing us to undertake uncertain paths and find unexpected solutions. What may appear as a failure, perhaps, is simply a different way to do things.

Let us learn to accept mistakes as a human characteristic and let ourselves be captivated by the charm of imperfections. The glitch, the off-key note, the printing defect, the stain on the canvas — errors add nuances and depth to our experience, making reality unique.

Posterheroes is promoted by Associazione Culturale Plug, Favini S.r.l., ITC-ILO and Fondazione Time2.

The organizers will select 12 posters among the 40 winners to realise the Contest Calendar 2025. The organizers will further judge the posters to identify the Favini prize’s winner of €2,500 and the Time2 prize’s winners of €1,500.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.