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The James Dyson Product Design Award 2011

James Dyson Award, the annual student product design award, is still accepting entries for 2011. The challenge is to design something useful.

The James Dyson Award is an international student design award running in 18 countries. It’s run by the James Dyson Foundation, James Dyson’s charitable trust, as part of its mission to encourage the next generation of design engineers to be creative, challenge and invent.

The Award supports students not only with monetary prizes but also by promoting and recognizing good quality entries.


Design something (a product) that solves a problem and provide:

  • Three paragraphs in both English and your mother tongue if different, covering the function, inspiration and development of your product.
  • Up to 10 images showing the development process of your design: early sketches, rudimentary prototypes, detailed CAD renderings (optional), and the finished product on a white background (up to 3 Mb each)
  • A video (uploaded via YouTube) showing your development journey and ideally a prototype in action. This is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Proof of eligibility.


  • International Winner:
    • £10,000 the student or student team (of up to four members)
    • £10,000 for their university department
    • James Dyson Award trophy and Certificate
  • Two International Runners-up:
    • £2,000 each
    • James Dyson Award Certificate
  • Twelve International Finalists:
    • James Dyson Award Certificate
  • National Winners:
    • £1,000 each
    • James Dyson Award Certificate
  • Up to nine National Finalists from each country:
    • James Dyson Award Certificate


  • The James Dyson Award is open to product design, industrial design and engineering university level students (or graduates within 4 years of graduation) who have studied in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.
  • Entrants must be, or have been within the last four years, undergraduate / bachelor or postgraduate engineering or design students for at least one semester at an institution in a country chosen to participate in the James Dyson Award, or at an organisation linked with such an institution, and are required to provide evidence as requested by the James Dyson Foundation.
  • You may submit as many projects as they like. Each project must form a separate entry and be accompanied by the full supporting information.

How to enter?

Entries are accepted online, through the James Dyson Award official website. Detailed instructions for submitting are provided onsite. However the first thing you need to do is to register for the competition.