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7th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA)

The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) is a yearly contest for the most innovative and creative mobile games in the world.

The objective of the IMGA is to create an exciting set of awards to recognize the world’s most talented mobile game developers, whether they are from professional studios, universities or even back bedrooms!

There are 6 different categories in which you can win an award and you can also win the People’s Choice Award, the Operators’ Choice Award or the Grand Prix which is given to the best game of the year.


As part of your entry you may submit various content and material, including written descriptions, audiovisual works and software code.

Competition entries must consist only of the participant’s own original work or, if the entry contains original work of third parties, the participant must have obtained a written permission from these third parties to enter the competition.

You can submit entries in the following official categories:

  • Excellence In Design
    • This category is for games with exceptional visual quality.
  • Excellence In Game Play
    • Any mobile game that provides innovation in the way the mobile game is played and that succeeds in providing an excellent mobile gaming experience. This includes genre-busting concepts which create a new category of game content on mobile.
  • Best Casual Game
    • The excellence of the game can be found in:
      • Innovation in terms of game-play
      • Accessibility of the game for a mass-market audience
      • Any innovation in other aspects of the game including artwork, level design, etc.
      • Technical realization of the game
      • How quickly can you get into the game
  • Best Real World Game
    • IMGA is looking for mobile games that make people get up and go, move, meet new friends and get into new, unexpected situations with other players both outdoors and indoors.
    • This Award honours the games that make exceptional effective use of the “mobility” aspect of a mobile game. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) location-based games using GPS, proximity-based games using Bluetooth to detect nearby players, augmented-reality games, or alternate reality games that blend with the player’s real world.
  • Most Innovative Game
    • This prize recognizes the game which stretches the technical possibilities of mobile phones and still provides a compelling game experience. Over the years, the IMGA has always had an eye for the exploration of new dimensions in mobile gaming. The innovation can be in the User Interface, the multiplatform, location or context awareness, or simply a brilliant new idea nobody has ever thought of before.
  • Best Sports Game
    • Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, Street fighting, Rugby, Chess, all Olympic and non-Olympic sports on mobile handsets enter in this category.


There are 6 different categories in which you can win an award and you can also win the People’s Choice Award, the Operators’ Choice Award or the Grand Prix which is given to the best game of the year.


  • The competition is open to everybody, both legal entities and individuals, with the exception of the employees of the organizer, their immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and/or household members and any individuals or legal entities registered in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and/or Myanmar may not participate in the competition.
  • The International Mobile Gaming Awards is a competition for recently published and unpublished mobile games. Therefore, games that are published before 1 January 2010 are not eligible. However, concepts and demos of games are eligible if the entrants can provide a playable demo or finished game before 1 February 2011.
  • All competition entries must be made in the English language.

How to enter?

Register on IMGA’s official website and upload your mobile game.